The Coconut controversy!

Recently the AHA (American Heart Association) released an article that Coconut Oil (saturated fat) is detrimental to your health.

What the AHA recommended is that people use things like corn and hydrogenated vegetable oils instead, it is however well documented that corn and other hydrogenated vegetable oils are inflammatory and have in inverse Omega 3-6 balance.

What does all this mean for your health? Who and what can you trust? Is Coconut Oil bad for your health?

  1. Coconut Oil is not bad for your health when eaten and used in moderation. In fact it’s great for cooking as it doesn’t breakdown at high temperatures like Olive Oil or release aldehydes like vegetable oils (read more on that here).
  2. Coconut Oil is a healthy fat like avocado, saturated fats do not cause an increase in the type of LDL particle associated with heart disease. (It’s not just LDL but the type and size of the particle) Learn more on that topic here.
  3. Who to Trust – Here are a few links to Doctors, researchers and other professionals who, well consider the whole person and not just the money…
    1. Dr. Mark Hyman
    2. NCBI – National Institue of Health
    3. Nutrition and Fitness CentralĀ 

To ensure your best health, listen to your body! In my work, one of the number 1 things I teach is how to listen to you! Your body will tell you which foods it likes, and which foods it does’t. Like most things eating foods in moderation, eating a variety of foods, mostly plants, with good quality meats, nuts, fruits, and seeds, as well drinking lots of water generally provides the body with what it needs to thrive. Each person is unique, so listen to your inner guide and make food decisions based on things that provide you energy, boost your mood, and make you feel (and look) great!.

By Lydia Bagley