Wellness Programs

LB Wellness Coaching specializes in helping those with Asthma & Allergies, however Lydia is also trained to coach individuals with other auto immune conditions, hormonal imbalances, and food sensitivities.

      N0 Limits Discovery Session – FREE 

    • Discover which foods and lifestyle habits are contributing to your Asthma & Allergies, low energy, and brain fog … and what to do about it
    • Uncover what’s been stopping you, slowing you down or keeping you from feeling Amazing Energy, Revitalized and HEALTHY…..
    • Develop a Powerful Vision for what ELIMINATING  your ASTHMA & ALLERGIES  looks like for you…..
    • Get crystal clear on a step-by-step plan to REVITALIZE your HEALTH in 90 days or less!

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          No Limits 90 Day Transformation

  • Do you want to give your health a promotion from part-time to full-time but nothing seems to stick? If you’re finding yourself feeling fatigued, stressed and just down on yourself day-to-day then there’s a bigger meaning as to why you haven’t found that sweet spot.
  • In this 90 day transformational journey, we will discover what’s been holding you back from having the health your body deserves and break those bad habits from ever coming back again (in just 12 private sessions).


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14 Day Reset Cleanse 

  • screen-shot-2016-09-13-at-1-45-38-pmDo you get bloated after eating?
  • Do you tend to gain weight easily especially in your belly?
  • Do you have extra pounds that won’t come off with diet and exercise?
  • Do you have headaches more than occasionally?
  • Do you frequently belch or feel gassy or gurgling in your belly?
  • more here..

This cleanse is designed as 3 step process to cleanse the body, reset the digestive system, and show exactly which foods trigger you to feel awful.

**** This cleanse is based on a whole food, full flavor, nutritious diet. It is not a juice, or meal replacement cleanse.


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Succeed Life Coaching

  • Have a goal?screen-shot-2016-10-25-at-10-11-47-am
  • Know what you should be doing?
  • Struggling with the ‘order’ or ‘steps’ to success?
  • Do you need encouragement, support, and accountability for reaching your goal?

If you know what you should be doing, but your struggling with the ‘how to’ or putting the right steps in order, Succeed Coaching is the answer!

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  • Disclaminer: LB Wellness Programs can assist in healing asthma, allergies, food sensitivities, weight loss, hormone imbalances, diabetes, brain & mood health, autoimmune conditions, emotional eating and gut health. Our Wellness programs are NOT designed to diagnose any condition, but when completed in conjunction with life style changes recommended by medical professionals can help you master the habit changes necessary to optimize your health and reduce symptoms of disease.