Holistic Horsemanship

Horsemanship Lessons

I offer Horsemanship lessons/clinics on a limited bases to Amateur Owners in the Williamson County, Texas area. Lessons cover management/care of horses, riding (English or Western), physical and physcological  development of horses, and creating harmony between horse and rider.

Because I’m passionate about health, horses, and helping people, the lesson program is designed to cover all 3 of those aspects. The horses health is paramount to it’s ability to do the job we ask, just as our own health is paramount to our ability to ride and safety handle a horse. I LOVE helping people, and being able to help a horse and a person together is truly the highlight of years of training and study in both health and horsemanship.

Training Philosophy: 

We must train the horse in a way that is congruent with his/her nature, understanding muscle and bone development for each stage of life, fitness, and mental health. Each horse/rider team in the program has a specifically designed plan to develop the horse based on classical dressage principles and the training scale. This system allows the horse to develop as an athlete over a period of time, being balanced in both body and mind. It also creates a rider with feel, timing, sensitivity, an independent seat, who is calm and centered on the horse.

All levels of riders and horses are welcome. I enjoy working with those that want to polish a few skills for showing and those who are trying to develop a young horse or retrain a horse, as well as those who have picked up the sport of riding as adults.

Disciplines: Dressage (to 2nd level), Hunters, Western Dressage, Trail , Working Equitation, Trail riding, 4-H, Family horses, and Morgans.