Excel Equestrian Wellness Coaching

This 12 week program is specifically designed for the adult equestrian. Riding is a demanding sport, both physically and emotionally. This transformative program will help you break through blocks, develop new habits and create a better connection to your mind, body, and horse. Get one to one coaching from an experienced riding Instructor who LOVES to see adult riders succeed on horseback and in LIFE! This program will help you heal your body, find your inner Rock Star, and achieve your riding goals!

This one on one coaching includes:

  • Establishing goals and daily reminders to keep you on track
  • Find what motivates you and how to maintain it
  • Individualized nutrition and how to engage your family
    • Increase your energy, reduce illness and heal chronic conditions
  • Explore how to honor your body and tone it for riding fitness
  • Learn how to reduce your stress levels to enjoy riding more
  • Explore your Personal Power
    • overcome fear, emotional challenges, anything holding you back
  • Understand what being ‘present’ means and how your horse mirrors you
  • Get the most out of your lessons/training program
  • Become Empowered for lasting success

If you’re ready to LEVEL up your riding call 512-658-1118 or email today. ┬áTo schedule an appointment click here.