Equestrian Wellness Coaching

Being an equestrian is hard work! It takes long hours, dedication, and passion. As a lifelong Equestrian, I’ve been through the ups and downs of ownership, lessons, training, teaching, running a business and raising a family. It’s a lot of balls to juggle and most frequently we drop the ball on our own health and wellbeing to support our horses and business. I started my journey to becoming a health coach in part because I dropped the ball on me. I was losing my passion for my students, feeling overwhelmed and burned out. It wasn’t enough to get more exercise or follow a meal plan, I needed support to change my habits and renew my spirit and body.

Now, I’m proud to offer my experience, along with the right support and accountability to my fellow equestrians in 2 Complete Wellness Coaching programs designed to keep you loving the sport we are all so passionate about.

Excel Equestrian Coaching

Riders – Learning the art of horsemanship in English or Western tack can be a challenge. Combine that with family, work life, and a passion to spend all your extra time with horses and it can be a real challenge. This specialized 14 week program is designed to help you Excel in all aspects of life and bring out the best in you as an Equestrian.  Click here for more on Excel Equestrian Coaching for Riders.

Instructors and Barn owners! Without you on the front lines, youth and adults alike would lose the ability to learn about horses in a safe structured manner. I know first hand hard it is to be Instructor, business manager, trainer, and marketing expert, as well as trying to find enough hours in the day to wear all the hats.  Designed with you in mind this program will support you in your health, teach you to avoid burnout, and improve your business skills.